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It is likely that your basement will develop leakage of some kind during its lifetime! The age of the structure does not matter. As a basement waterproofing company we see many leaks in homes less than five years old.

Highland Basement Waterproofing Co

There are many causes of basement leakage:

  1. Cracks in walls and floors due to structural changes such as settling
  2. Insufficient runoff due to improper landscaping or gutters.
  3. High water table

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Interior Drains

Interior drains are the most effective form of removing water from your home. Here’s how it all works. A perforated drain pipe is installed inside of the perimeter of the basement flooring. To do so, we must remove and replace the concrete at the slab edge. Putting the pipe beneath the slab allows the area to drain to a lower level and to a sump pump. The pump will have an airtight cover and remain safe at all times. When the floor is cut 12” from the footing of the home, cement and debris will be removed and a channel will be dug out. Once the channel is cleaned, the proper slope will be installed and then each cell of the cinderblock will be drilled which will remove all the water that has been accumulated within the foundation walls. From there, water will no longer build up in the walls but will instead flow freely through the holes of the drain system. The sump pump then discharges outside of the foundation wall and the floor is resealed with concrete.

Highland Basement Waterproofing Co

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